Every business needs a powerful friend




How can Nationwide Credit Control boost your bottom line?





Since our inception in 1987, Nationwide has successfully partnered with businesses of all sizes to collect both difficult and slow paying accounts.

Be it commercial or consumer debt collection, Nationwide Credit Control provides a service that is

  • Fast and efficient;

  • Cost effective; and

  • Individually tailored to your needs.

We understand the importance of collecting debts quickly and effectively as a means of increasing your cash flow and profitability.

And most importantly, there are NO HIDDEN COSTS.


Who are our clients?


Ranging from small family businesses to large corporations and government agencies. We service a wide variety of industries:

  • Commercial - goods and service providers of all types and sizes - building, real estate, trades, manufacturing, distribution and wholesale;

  • Financial services - banks, finance companies, accounting and professional service providers.

  • Health Care - major public and private hospitals, medical centres, specialists and general practitioners;